virus scan not available -> no virus check!

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On Nov 23, 2009, at 10:23 PM, Rick Cooper wrote:

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>> I can't believe this is the default behavior.  Also, I can't find a
>> way to change it.
>>> Nov 23 18:09:05 localhost MailScanner[26984]: Virus and Content
>>> Scanning: Starting Nov 23 18:09:05 localhost MailScanner[26997]: Cannot
>>> find Socket (/tmp/clamd.socket) Exiting! 
>> and then mailscanner goes on to bless the email as "clean".  Note that
>> I do not have virus scanning set to "auto", I have it explicitly set
>> to "clamd".
>> My preferred behavior would be to send an email to postmaster (or
>> whoever) at some regular interval if the virus scanner is not available.
>> Anyway to get some semblance of that configured?
>> -frank
> As with any Daemon including MailScanner it's self you should have some kind
> of monitoring installed that restarts and notifies you that is not
> MailScanner's job. Should it send an email for each issue with all externals
> and internals to the postmaster? It did the best thing I could think of, it
> issues an error to the log and moves on. I guess it could shut MailScanner
> down I suppose. It would appear to be a configuration error since clam
> doesn't remove it's socket if it crashes and MailScanner --lint would have
> caught it. Monit, Webmin, in a cron job, some kind of
> monitoring should be in place for both ClamD and MailScanner it's self, and
> what ever mta you are using...
> Rick
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You really need to implement an "out of band" monitoring system to monitor a mail server. 

How's a mail server going to send a mail notification if mail is broken :)

Nagios provides a very good solution.

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