Stopping messages without To: or Cc: header(s)

Ralph Bornefeld-Ettmann ilikeuce at
Sat Nov 21 10:34:44 GMT 2009

Hugo van der Kooij schrieb:
> On 20/11/09 23:16, Ralph Bornefeld-Ettmann wrote:
>> Hugo van der Kooij schrieb:
>>> On 20/11/09 21:20, Garrod M. Alwood wrote:
>>>> Hey, I agree with both of you, but when it's a newsletter the boss
>>>> wants, then I do as I say and go yes sir. Thats all I'm saying. An
>>>> you could use a header rule in postfix.
>>> I have not found a way to write a postfix expression to match a
>>> missing set where neither the To: or the From: lines are set.
>>> Hugo.
>> would you please share it with me/us?
> I can't share what I don't have. I would assume that was obvious.
> Hugo.
hups ... sorry ... I missed reading the word "not" :-(


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