SOLVED in 7.2: Perl problems on FreeBSD (again)

Drew Marshall drew.marshall at
Sun Nov 15 18:18:54 GMT 2009

On 15 Nov 2009, at 14:03, Mog wrote:

> Hi,
> I followed the procedure you described exactly. I'm guessing the  
> other people who are experiencing the same problem did the same  
> thing as well (as mentioned on the ports mailing list). I'm using  
> that exact version of perl you mentioned and used the perl-after- 
> upgrade call as always. As it turns out, to get the mail server back  
> up and running again I had to revert to the packaged version  
> perl-5.10.0_2.tbz and ignore the upgrade (like last time this  
> happened).

Yup, same here. Make sure you continue to be vigilant when running  
portupgrade again or else you will be right back again.

> I can only assume that either you did something extra we haven't to  
> make it work, or ... Actually there is no or, I'm out of ideas. I  
> have no idea why it should work for a few people but not dozens of  
> others (unless you're using portmaster and we're using portupgrade  
> or something). Nor do I know what actually is the cause of the  
> problem.

I have upgraded to 5.10.1 and had to roll back too. I have no idea  
what could be causing the issue but it's a right pain.

> I can't see any logical reason why every so often a perl upgrade  
> will cause MailScanner to break. Presumably either it's a recurring  
> problem with the FreeBSD port, the upgrade process, or within perl  
> itself.

It's not a problem within the same version but every so often a new  
version pops out and having gone through the upgrade, then  
reinstalling all the p5-* ports (portupgrade -f p5-* I always do that  
as I don't find the the perl-after-upgrade script does the job fully  
but then I have never run it with the -f option so I'll try that next  
time) to find that something borks MS and then you have to downgrade  
again is a right pain :-(

I really like FreeBSD but I just can't see what is causing this to  
happen. Surely perl is perl and therefore it should work for everyone  
or no one? Or have I missed something (Probably!)?


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