Retrieve from Archive

Ralph Bornefeld-Ettmann ilikeuce at
Thu Nov 12 13:14:24 GMT 2009

Monis Monther schrieb:
> Hi everyone:
> I am using the archive feature of Mailscanner to have a copy of all 
> mails in a dir, this is working fine and lovely, now the problem is if I 
> want to retrieve a certain message , how can I do that in the following 
> cases
> 1- I dont know where it is in the archive
> 2- I know where it is and the message ID for example under the archive 
> is D548C6E00BB.27373, how do I send it to the inteded user
> Thanks

you can find the path in /etc/MailScanner/MailScanner.conf :

Archive Mail =

if this is empty you possibly find this :

Non Spam Actions = store deliver

in the latter case you will find archived mails : 


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