VMware image?

Mark Gregory mgregory at agama.com.au
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I’m having a good morning. I have ESVA installed on my ESX3.x box and it is working and configured.


I would now like to know how to configure my exchange server to use this gateway or does it not matter for outgoing mail from the exchange server?


So what I mean is I think my next steps are:

1.       Tell my firewall to send email to the mailscanner server

2.       Tell my exchange server to send outgoing mail to the mailscanner server or is that not necessary?


Do I really need to setup a user for each domain on mailwatch? This could take some time.

Can one user manage all domains through mailwatch? The admin account?


Also in mailwatch the username should be something like admin at mydomain.com? There is no entry for a mail address so I’m assuming that each user should have a username that is their email address. I would appreciate help on this because I’m assuming I need to set the admin username to a real email address for reports and so on.






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Go to 


This is what I have used in the past 



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I would like to use mailscanner with exchange 2003 and would appreciate
knowing if someone has created a VMWare image of linux + mailscanner.

I'm not trying to be lazy, just don't know enough about linux to do the



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