Multiple MailScanner instances (DEBIAN)

John Wilcock john at
Mon Nov 2 09:29:37 GMT 2009

Le 02/11/2009 10:01, Markus Nilsson a écrit :
> If you say bayes is not an issue, the possibility to have different scoring
> in spamassassin for different domains is not possible, right?
> This might however be just a tiny issue that if needed could be solved with
> VM's.

Rather than multiple instances or VMs just for that, you could always 
get round the problem with meta-rules in spamassassin that simply adjust 
scores depending on the domain. Probably safest to do this by turning on 
"Add Envelope To Header = yes" then testing that header:

header __EXAMPLE_COM    X-orgname-MailScanner-To =~ /\@example\.com/i
score  WANTS_DIET_DRUGS -2.0


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