/etc/init.d/MailScanner stop: caught SIGTERM, aborting

John Wilcock john at tradoc.fr
Thu May 28 08:03:37 IST 2009

Le 27/05/2009 18:22, Jarry a écrit :
> Sorry I did not mention it. I just thought it was not important.
> MailScanner, OS Gentoo (stable branch, everything updated)

Nice to see another gentoo user on here. FWIW, I've been updating the 
ebuild locally to track Julian's additions (currently at, 
with the intention of feeding it back to the community at some point. If 
you want to test my ebuild, let me know.

>>> And the 2nd problem, MailScanner is eating too much memory:

>>> ~330 MB RESS, ~1GB VIRTS, is *this* normal? Unbelievable. I see it for
>>> the first time, that my server does not have enough physical memory
>>> and is forced to use swap. I'm affraid, I can not spend so much memory
>>> just for MailScanner...

You don't say how much mail you're putting through the system, but do 
you really need 5 MailScanner child processes? I seem to remember that 
that is the default value; you could try setting Max Children to a lower 
value which will bring the memory usage down to a more reasonable level.


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