Whitelisting rule query

Stef Morrell stef at aoc-uk.com
Wed May 27 10:48:03 IST 2009


I'm wanting to whitelist email coming from my office, so it doesn't get
marked up as spam, in particular when discussing spammy topics with

If I simply whitelist *@mydomain.com then this allows email with spoofed
'from' address throught.

I can't whitelist the mail relay, as there's any number of domains email
running through it and if one of those users takes it upon themselves to
throw a spam sandwich at it, I want to catch it and stop it before the
wide wide world decides to blacklist me.

So, what I hope to be able to do is add a spam whitelisting rule along
the lines of

From: *@mydomain and From: <IP ADDRESS>

Does this makes sense and is it achieveable?


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