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Glenn Steen glenn.steen at
Mon May 25 22:19:27 IST 2009

2009/5/22 Robert Lopez <rlopezcnm at>:
> I would like to try out mailscanner on Debian Lenny.
> My senior administrator does not want to try mailscanner on Debian unless it
> is using postfix instead of exim4.
> This brings up something I do not know how to do:
> I access MailScanner discussion list via Gmail to read the current email.
> I can use google to find discussions archived at
> It I go directly to and sort the lists
> But I can not figure out how to search there for discussion on my current
> project.
> Is there a direct way to search the email archives?
1) Use gmane to do your list serching.
2) DON'T use that debian package provided... 4.55.10 is severely out
of date. It will likely end you in trouble. You can't fight bleeding
edge SPAM/malware with trailing edge versions;).
AFAICS the best otpion is to use the "source"/Solaris/... tarball from ... You should be able to find an init script to
use there to. Then use the usual postfix instructions (look through
the ones on the official site, read the MAQ (everyone should do that
at least once:) and finally the relevant wiki pages... It sounds a
lot, but really isn't that much).

-- Glenn
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