MailScanner on RHEL 3 / CentOS 3?

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Mon May 25 15:15:57 IST 2009

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You don't need the latest versions of the Perl modules for MailScanner 
to work. I just try to package it up with the latest versions so we have 
all the bug-fixes which might otherwise bite us. So try putting together 
the newest version you can get of each module that will (a) work with 
each other and (b) work on CentOS 3.9. Then you'll probably find it all 
actually works just fine.

Good luck!


On 25/05/2009 14:49, Alex Neuman wrote:
> How about running a virtual machine inside that old CentOS 3.9 that 
> runs CentOS 5.3? That should work!
> All kidding aside, I'd like to know - if only for informational 
> purposes - what a good solution for this would be.
> On Sat, May 23, 2009 at 6:12 PM, Remco Barendse 
> <mailscanner at <mailto:mailscanner at>> wrote:
>     I still have one server running CentOS 3.9 (yes, i should nuke and
>     upgrade that box, i know) which comes with perl 5.8.0
>     Many of the perl modules included in the latest MailScanner
>     version seem to require at least perl 5.8.1
> Going to build M/MA/MARKOV/MailTools-2.04.tar.gz
>     Perl v5.8.1 required--this is only v5.8.0, stopped at Makefile.PL
>     line 1.
>     Is there any way to install MailScanner on a RHEL3 box? Or is the
>     only way really to nuke that box and upgrade it to something less
>     antique?
>     Thanks!
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