(2nd Request) Disable scanning for a client that connects

Dave Jones davejones70 at gmail.com
Mon May 25 13:53:57 IST 2009

>Business A - ISP located in a co-lo with fast internet and static IP's.  It does web hosting, dial-up internet and mail scanning.

>Business B & My Personal Internet - Used to be a T1 with static IPs but is now a third party >sucky Dynamic DSL.  Now that it is dynamic DSL, I need to relay this mail through the mail >scanner at Business A without the other people I have designated as MailWatch Admins in >Business A, having the ability see this e-mail at all.  I have an account in the mail scanner >setup so I can do SMTP AUTH with TLS.  That works great but ALL incoming mail is >scanned unless I add FROM: domain.com no to the scan.messages.rules.  When I do that I >get spam from outside sources because it isn't being scanned.

>I need a sendmail or mailscanner option so that I can bypass scanning for the e-mail from this source only!


I would setup a second instance of MailScanner at Business B and
smarthost to their ISP.  I have over a dozen businesses with
MailScanner servers and I definitely keep them all separate.  At least
setup another instance for Business B and the Business A location if
they don't mind hosting it and have a spare IP address for B's MX

Dave Jones

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