Possible config option to skip filename/filettype checks for the message body?

Julian Field MailScanner at ecs.soton.ac.uk
Fri May 22 09:42:34 IST 2009

Just use a ruleset on "Allow Filenames" and "Allow Filetypes", with "." 
as the value for messages you don't want to check. That will allow any 
filename containing any character.

On 20/05/2009 05:07, PSI Mailbag wrote:
> Hey Jules + List,
>   What do you guys/gals think about a config option to bypass the
> filename/filetype checks on the message body? Very frequently, I get
> messages being blocked because "file" (and even when used in the mime
> only option) detects regular chatter as being a file that shouldn't be
> sent:
> [root at psimf001 0114C74652C.B6E83]# file -i msg-27860-603.txt
> msg-27860-603.txt: video/quicktime
> [root at psimf001 0114C74652C.B6E83]# head -1 msg-27860-603.txt
> Re: skipping ropes - would you want singles or the extra long ones for
>   Is it feasible to find a way to bypass the checks on the extracted
> message body content? I've stripped down my magic file of a lot of the
> more common FP's, but lately I seem to be hitting new ones every other
> week.
>   In my mind I see a config option that would allow you to bypass the
> "file" results from the content extracted from the message body
> (msg-*.txt), while still allowing it to properly run against regular
> attachments.
>   Thoughts?
>   Cheers,
> -Joshua


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