Bug Report: Remove These Headers

Hilario Fochi Silveira hilario at soliton.com.br
Tue May 19 21:37:02 IST 2009


This was supposed to be a support request, but as I made many tests, 
I decide to post it as bug report:
If it is something I've made by mistake, please explain.

If you set
Remove These Headers = %rules-dir%/remove.headers.rules

And includes the following rules, it just does not work:

#  Begin of remove.headers.rules file.
#  These used to work before  Version 4.75.11-1 but does not work any more:
To:     *@soliton.com.br                Confirm-Reading-To: 
Delivery-Receipt-To: Disposition-Notification-To: Errors-To:

# These causes NO ERROR but DO NOT WORK
to: hilario at soliton.com.br Confirm-Reading-To:
To:     *@soliton.com.br        Confirm-Reading-To: 
Delivery-Receipt-To: Disposition-Notification-To: Errors-To:
To:     *@soliton.com.br 
To:     *@soliton.com.br 

# These causes errors when you reload configurations.
To:\shilario at soliton.com.br\s/Confirm-Reading-To:|Delivery-Receipt-To:|Disposition-Notification-To:|Errors-To:/
# End of rules file

Please let me know if you have a work around.

And, if you are going to work on the code to fix this, let me add a wish list:
When we send emails with receipt request to mail accounts outside our 
server and with copies to accounts inside our servers, it cleans the 
headers to every email. I wish we could selectively clear headers 
only to emails to our own accounts and not to outside accounts.
If we send separate emails to outside and to inside accounts, it 
works. This problem occurs only when a single email is sent to both 
inside and outside accounts at once.

Best Regards,

Hilario Fochi Silveira
Soliton Controles Industriais Ltda.
Rua Alfredo Pujol, 1010 - Sao Paulo - SP - BRAZIL    ZIP: 02017-002
Tel: +55 11 2950-1834          Fax: +55 11 2979-8980          e-mail: 
<mailto:hilario at soliton.com.br>hilario at soliton.com.br
The SSD Drives Inc. (formerly Eurotherm Drives), Eurotherm Controls, 
Action Instruments, Montalvo, Koyo and Sharp distributors in Brazil

www.soliton.com.br      www.eurotherm.com.br    www.actionio.com.br 
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