Issue with "Add Text Of Doc" feature

Mark Sapiro mark at
Thu May 14 17:41:14 IST 2009

Mark Sapiro wrote:

>I have been experimenting with the "Add Text Of Doc" feature. The issue
>I have come across is the output of antiword is in my case UTF-8
>encoded (in the absense of a specific mapping provided to antiword,
>it's locale dependent), but the plain text attachment added by
>MailScanner doesn't specify a charset in its Content-Type.
>It would be nice if you could grok the encoding from the system locale
>and specify it, or barring that, provide a config option to set it.

Please note, in case it wasn't clear, the current behavior is a real
problem. UTF-8 encoded data are being sent in a text/plain part with
implicit charset us-ascii resulting in data being displayed in MUAs
like the following:

                            Lani Waller Presents
                            “A Steelheader’s Way”

“A Steelheader’s Way” is a presentation on the principles,
techniques and philosophy of trophy steelhead fishing based on Lani’s
book of the same title.  This personal look will include the “common
elements of the endeavor” ...

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