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> Hi All,
> there is no problem in network since it is in private LAN. This is
> happening more frequently now a days, Also I checked on the receiving server
> i.e [] in the above case it s working fine. Also check the LOAD
> ,mailq etc .. at that point of time nothing found abnormal.

While I can't personally help you since I'm not using Postfix, I can
contribute something from my experience. Statements like "there is no
problem in network since it is in private LAN" can sometimes come back and
bite you in the rear. You shouldn't assume anything "works" because "it
looks like it's working" or "it shouldn't be a problem". Usually these
assumptions make you waste time and resources while you find that the
problem is where you were "sure it couldn't happen".

Question everything. Even if it's documented - conditions might have changed
in unpredictable ways, so you may have to verify every process - like
playing hopscotch from point to point in whatever process you're
troubleshooting, but from both ends. You checked load and mailq, but you
could tell us what "etc." means; you could also describe what "check" means
for you - as well as what "nothing found abnormal" means for you.

Good luck!

> Shyam
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