Using --debug and --debug-sa with Postfix

Steve Barnes pumzika at
Wed May 13 15:02:31 IST 2009


I'm trying to understand how to use --debug and --debug-sa with
Postfix as the MTA to observe the processing of a single message.

Having stoppped all MailScanner processes, I run:

/opt/MailScanner/bin/MailScanner --debug --debug-sa

I get lots of debug output on screen, with no discernable errors,
which eventually stops at:

"Building a message batch to scan..."

Now at this point, I thought I could get away with doing:

cp -p /var/spool/MailScanner/quarantine/20090512/spam/A8B5F1168A.A78ED

And MS would come back to life and begin processing the message, but
it doesn't. It just remains sat at "Building a message batch to

MS runs as user Postfix, and the permissions on the file before and
after cp are:

-rw-rw----  1 postfix  mail

What am I missing here? Does "Quarantine Whole Messages As Queue
Files" have any bearing on what I'm trying to do?

Thank you


PS, I'm using:

MS 4.76.24,
Perl 5.10.0,
SA 3.2.5,
FreeBSD 7.2,
Postfix 2.5.6 and
MailWatch 1.0.4.

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