Delete with MailScanner based on header

Alvaro Marín alvaro at
Wed May 13 12:53:23 IST 2009


I'm using a plugin in SA that does an "eval:check_msg()" and adds a header
with add_header. In that header there is information about the scanned
mail (if it's spam
or a virus).

I see that isn't any option in MailScanner's configuration to do an
action based on a header added by SA, something like "SpamAssassin Rule
Actions", so I've thought to do a custom function for MailScanner to do it.
The idea is see if this header has "virus" as value, and if this occurs,
delete the message. Is this possible?
Where are SA's headers stored (I see that $message->{headers} are
original ones only)?



Alvaro Marín Illera
Hostalia Internet

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