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Mon May 11 15:39:24 IST 2009

On Thu, 7 May 2009, David Lee wrote:

> [...]
> For instance, we are a "Send Notices = no" site for viruses.  But for other 
> sorts of functionality, such as this new msg-db, we would like to be a "Send 
> Notices = yes" site.  And other sites might want other variants, such as 
> "yes" in both cases but with different recipients.  And then in a few months 
> time, MS might get an additional new class of functionality (just as msg-db 
> is new now) with other possible variants.
> Hence my idle wondering about something ruleset-like.  (I was trying to avoid 
> suggesting yet more options directly in MS.conf!)
> [...]

Can the existing settings:
    Send Notices = ...
    Notices To = ...

with their ruleset possibilities achieve the differential sending (or not 
sending) of class-based (e.g. "virus", "msg-db", ...) notifications to 
different recipients?  It would end up with something (logically at least) 
    Send Notices = yes
    Notices To = rules/
       viruses  nobody at black.hole
       msg-db   email-admin at

or (the equivalent):
    Send Notices = rules/send.notices.rules
    Notices To = rules/
       viruses   no
       *         yes
       msg-db   email-admin at

or some other specification and/or implementation to similar effect.

Such a scheme would be extensible to other classes (analogous to "virus" 
class (long-established) and "msg-db" class (new at 4.76)) that come along 


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