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Scott Silva ssilva at
Thu May 7 20:31:27 IST 2009

on 5-7-2009 12:58 AM Anthony Cartmell spake the following:
>> So. Again my question. How large is the Fedora + MS userbase.
> Probably not as large as it could be?
>> Is it worth to create a SIG within Fedora for the same?
> If MailScanner could be added to Fedora's repositories then I'm sure
> that a lot of people would be pleased.
> I think the main problem will be in finding manpower to keep up with the
> very-frequent MailScanner releases, updating and testing the Fedora
> packages each time. I suspect that using the MailScanner rpm tar files,
> with some fiddles if needed, is likely to be the easiest way to keep
> going unless we can get a lot of people to help.
>> Some people already said, that they are willing to help - I guess
>> you're not a Fedora packager yet? Do you have a RH bugzilla account?
> Nope, I'm mainly a web developer, with very limited knowledge of the
> details of packaging things.
>> Send me/us your +1 if you're interested in such a SIG, so we know (at
>> least a part of) the userbase.
> I might be interested, but have many other jobs to do.
> Anthony
If Fedora has all the needed modules in repo, then all you would really need
is a custom spec file with the proper requires in it. Yum install MailScanner
would then bring in the deps and then you need to edit a sane config.

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