Too Large or Too small or neither?????

Mike M mrm at
Thu May 7 16:06:27 IST 2009

Julian Field wrote:

> I'll need to take a look at this, and try a 0-byte attachment and see 
> what happens.
> To disable the tests, set
> Maximum Attachment Size = -1
> Minimum Attachment Size = -1
> Please read the docs carefully and ensure you are setting the values 
> appropriately.
> What is the precise case that you think it is handling incorrectly?
> Jules

I don't think testing it with a 0 byte attachment will help much, 
because a 0 byte attachment *should* get blocked when the min size is 
set to 1.   The problem I'm having on 3 separate servers since upgrading 
to 4.76 is that it's blocking on the attachment rule even when there is 
no attachment.   I'm not exactly sure how to proceed because one part of 
the error message says the attachment is too large, and another part 
says it's too small.  Regardless there is no attachment so those errors 
are just unintentional red herrings.  I have looked at numerous messages 
in the quarantine and cannot find anything that gives away why it thinks 
they have attachments to begin with.

Like I said, I have been using MS for a number of years, have done 
numerous upgrades, have had the min attachment size setting at the 
default of 1 byte since it was available and have never had a problem 
before upgrading to 4.76.   I just upgraded another server last night 
and made sure it wasn't having this problem before the upgrade, and as 
soon as I started MS after the upgrade it started having the same 
problem.  I can provide more from the quarantine at if the 
original data I posted is not enough.

Oh, and again: MailScanner --lint says no errors.

With all of the perl updates and other changes, going back to 4.74 where 
things were working fine is probably out of the question?

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