AW: SV: Perl problems on Fedora 9 SOLVED

Oliver Falk oliver at
Thu May 7 08:13:55 IST 2009

Hi Jules!

Julian Field wrote:
> I will happily help you out, provided I can see what the problems are, 
> and if enough people are affected by the problem. I'm slightly loathed 
> to spend lots of time solving packaging problems if only 3 people are 
> still using Fedora 9 in the first place, I'm sure you understand :-)
> *If* I get time in the next day or two to install Fedora 9 and try to do 
> a clean install, I'll see what I can do and put out a beta of the next 
> version of MailScanner that will work for you folks.
> But no promises, I do have a day job to do as well, which is pretty busy 
> right now!

I don't see a reason to take a look at Fedora 9, as long as there isn't 
a large userbase! As already stated, F9 will EOL soon...

Better go with F10 and F11.

I still would like to know how large the Fedora + MS userbase is. Is it 
reasonable to get MS into Fedora!?


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