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Scott Silva ssilva at
Tue May 5 23:03:14 IST 2009

on 5-5-2009 1:57 PM Ken A spake the following:
> Scott Silva wrote:
>> on 5-5-2009 8:57 AM Ken A spake the following:
>>> Steve Freegard wrote:
>>>> Ken A wrote:
>>>>> Miguel Angel Nieto wrote:
>>>>>> Hi,
>>>>>> I have the whitelists configured with MailWatch:
>>>>>> Is Definitely Not Spam = &SQLWhitelist
>>>>>> Mailscanner reads the whitelist:
>>>>>> May  5 13:57:16 eksmtp01 MailScanner[26158]: Whitelist refresh time
>>>>>> reached May  5 13:57:16 eksmtp01 MailScanner[26158]: Starting up SQL
>>>>>> Whitelist May  5 13:57:16 eksmtp01 MailScanner[26158]: Read 89
>>>>>> whitelist entries
>>>>>> But Mailscanner scans the message with Spamassassin, and It shouldn't
>>>>>> happen.
>>>>>> What i'm doing wrong?
>>>>> Nothing. That is normal behavior. Whitelisting does not exclude a
>>>>> message from SA scanning. It doesn't apply the MailScanner SA rules to
>>>>> the message, so even if it scores above your 'high' threshold, it will
>>>>> not be spam tagged or quarantined or whatever.
>>>>> If you want to exclude a message from scanning, you need to use the
>>>>> "Use
>>>>> SpamAssassin" instead, or even "Spam Checks". Read the config file.
>>>> That's not quite correct.
>>>> Set 'Always Include SpamAssassin Report = No' and MailScanner will not
>>>> run SA for messages that are whitelisted.
>>>> Regards,
>>>> Steve.
>>> Ah, that's a simpler to change, no ruleset required. Maybe I need to
>>> read the config file again. It's been a couple years.  :-)
>> That's OK, because the version you are running is a couple of years old
>> anyway. It looks to have been written in January of 2006. MailScanner
>> has made
>> some very large strides since then. You might think about upgrading.
> um.. no. Not sure where you get that idea. You must have me confused
> with the person who started the thread.
> I've done about 25 upgrades since Jan 06. I average about 10 a year,
> almost keeping pace with Julian. I wish I had more time to do beta
> testing, but I seem to 'think' I'm going to have more time than I
> actually do.
> Ken
Sorry, I must have replied to the wrong message. That is what I get for having
2 monitors running full of help sessions and message threads.

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