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Ken A ka at
Tue May 5 21:57:23 IST 2009

Scott Silva wrote:
> on 5-5-2009 8:57 AM Ken A spake the following:
>> Steve Freegard wrote:
>>> Ken A wrote:
>>>> Miguel Angel Nieto wrote:
>>>>> Hi,
>>>>> I have the whitelists configured with MailWatch:
>>>>> Is Definitely Not Spam = &SQLWhitelist
>>>>> Mailscanner reads the whitelist:
>>>>> May  5 13:57:16 eksmtp01 MailScanner[26158]: Whitelist refresh time
>>>>> reached May  5 13:57:16 eksmtp01 MailScanner[26158]: Starting up SQL
>>>>> Whitelist May  5 13:57:16 eksmtp01 MailScanner[26158]: Read 89
>>>>> whitelist entries
>>>>> But Mailscanner scans the message with Spamassassin, and It shouldn't
>>>>> happen.
>>>>> What i'm doing wrong?
>>>> Nothing. That is normal behavior. Whitelisting does not exclude a
>>>> message from SA scanning. It doesn't apply the MailScanner SA rules to
>>>> the message, so even if it scores above your 'high' threshold, it will
>>>> not be spam tagged or quarantined or whatever.
>>>> If you want to exclude a message from scanning, you need to use the "Use
>>>> SpamAssassin" instead, or even "Spam Checks". Read the config file.
>>> That's not quite correct.
>>> Set 'Always Include SpamAssassin Report = No' and MailScanner will not
>>> run SA for messages that are whitelisted.
>>> Regards,
>>> Steve.
>> Ah, that's a simpler to change, no ruleset required. Maybe I need to
>> read the config file again. It's been a couple years.  :-)
> That's OK, because the version you are running is a couple of years old
> anyway. It looks to have been written in January of 2006. MailScanner has made
> some very large strides since then. You might think about upgrading.

um.. no. Not sure where you get that idea. You must have me confused 
with the person who started the thread.

I've done about 25 upgrades since Jan 06. I average about 10 a year, 
almost keeping pace with Julian. I wish I had more time to do beta 
testing, but I seem to 'think' I'm going to have more time than I 
actually do.


Ken Anderson
Pacific Internet -

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