Different rules for files within archives

Scott Silva ssilva at sgvwater.com
Mon Mar 30 17:33:45 IST 2009

on 3-28-2009 3:00 AM Julian Field spake the following:
> On 27/3/09 22:24, Scott Silva wrote:
>> on 3-27-2009 8:36 AM Julian Field spake the following:
>>> This is turning into a very major job, requiring many changes throughout
>>> the whole of MailScanner, as the original design was never intended to
>>> be able to do this.
>>> However, I am working on it.
>>> The intention is that you will have totally separate settings for
>>>      Filename Rules
>>>      Filetype Rules
>>>      Allow Filenames
>>>      Allow Filetypes
>>>      Allow File MIME Types
>>>      Deny Filenames
>>>      Deny Filetypes
>>>      Deny File MIME Types
>>> for archived and non-archived attachments.
>>> You will also be able to specify what you consider to be an "archived"
>>> attachment, be it a file in a zip attachment, a rar attachment, an OLE
>>> attachment (Word doc, for example), a UU-encoded attachment and a TNEF
>>> (winmail.dat) attachment.
>>> All these settings will be on a per-message basis and so will take
>>> rulesets, allowing different clients to have totally different rules for
>>> their setups.
>>> That's the aim. I'm over half way through the implementation now, but
>>> none of it has been tested yet. There's going to be a fair bit of
>>> debugging required, I guarantee that. So beta-testers, on your blocks
>>> please... :-)
>>> Hopefully this will keep you all happy for a little while ;-)
>>> Jules
>> Are you going to release a stable before all these changes, or just
>> wait until
>> they are done and tested?
> That's a good idea, which hadn't occurred to me. I can still do that, as
> I haven't committed anything yet. Yes, I'll do that later today.
>> Not pushing or anything, just curious.
> Absolutely not, good thinking!
> Jules
Thanks Jules! I was thinking it was near time for a stable, and it would give
you a couple months to work out the new code without getting pestered (as much).

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