Syslogging broken - culprit found

Tom Weber l_mailscanner at
Fri Mar 27 09:44:22 GMT 2009

Am Freitag, den 27.03.2009, 01:11 +0000 schrieb Julian Field:

> > Without looking at the code, since my eyes are about to finally freak
> > out now, i guess you integrate the razor perl modules directly in
> > MailScanner which then initialize/openlog the Syslog again and mess it
> > up.
> >    
> I don't call Razor at all, I leave SpamAssassin to do that. I suspect 

Yeah, of course. I put this wrong. The result is the same though (MS
importing SA importing razor).

> that it's just the SA initialisation call that is screwing with it. I 
> could always just call the Log::initialise function again after 
> initialising SpamAssassin, that *shouldn't* have any major consequences.

I personally don't care that much about razor logging to syslog. But
these Side-effects should be eliminated.

> > Maybe someone else wants to verify this on a non debian system too, but
> > i'm quite confident that this is the cause for the behaviour.
> >    
> Please can someone do this for me?

May I add that this is not how debian ships. The debian default for
razor is to log into a file not using syslog at all.

All my MailScanner installations are linux-vservers which I usually
derive from a tared up template. For some reason I had changed this
setting somewhere in the past and it made it into my template resulting
in a couple of MailScanner Installations with this behaviour.


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