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On 24/3/09 17:10, John Wilcock wrote:
> I'm trying to set up selective forwarding to an external account to 
> enable my boss to receive mail on her mobile phone. Her key 
> requirement is that the original sender mustn't be aware that the 
> forwarding is happening, and in particular must not receive a 
> nondelivery notice even if her external mailbox is full.
> In other words, I need to change the envelope sender on forwarded 
> messages. I've tried various solutions, including a forward action in 
> a ruleset on Non Spam Actions, but the original envelope sender is 
> unchanged.
> I'm open to all suggestions, in MailScanner or elsewhere on the server 
> (running postfix and dovecot). I've also tried postfix's 
> recipient_bcc_maps or a redirect action in a dovecot deliver LDA sieve 
> filter, but in all cases the envelope sender is used unchanged and I 
> can't see any way to rewrite it.
I don't know with Postfix, but I would do it in sendmail with a .forward 
file that ran a script that invoked the sendmail binary with a different 
"-f" command-line option. That would change the sender address. I'm 
pretty sure Postfix has a command-equivalent "sendmail" binary for 
sending a message. Does it support .forward files as well, or equivalent?

Just a thought, it might nudge your thinking in a useful direction...


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