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On 23/3/09 19:02, Sergio Rabellino wrote:
> Sorry if I bother you with this question, but i've not found any 
> config line explaining anything similar to the following:
> if I would remove ALL the attachments from ALL messages, then archive 
> the attachments into a web accessible filesystem, and substituting 
> every attachment with a link to the hashed (secured with an hmac) web 
> storage, this can be done now with MS?
Not right now, no. Certainly not without some Custom Functions being 
written for you, anyway.
> Maybe a different behaviour if the mail is coming out or getting in 
> would be useful, or different by domain. The Inboxes will be smaller, 
> and if I receive an attachment directed to 500 users, i will store 
> only one copy of the attachment.
If you use a decent mail store, just as Cyrus (or heaven help us, 
Exchange) then only 1 copy of the message is ever stored anyway, as all 
the other copies of the message are just hard-links to it (in Cyrus). 
Exchange implements a similar space-saving tactic in its internal database.
> What the list think about ?
> As usual, thanks to JF

> and the others programmers for MS.
Don't forget Glenn and the other people who help me out with various 
parts. They help me a lot :-)
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