OT - what does nmsgs tell me?

Joost Waversveld joost at waversveld.nl
Mon Mar 23 16:21:52 GMT 2009

Just an wild guess but doesn't it mean "new messages"? so in this 
particular case there would be 11 new (unread) messages??

Best regards,

Joost Waversveld

Steve Campbell wrote:
> I've googled, but can't find exactly what the nmsgs part of a log 
> entry in my maillog is telling me. For example, see below:
> Mar 22 13:21:10 mailserver ipop3d[17789]: Login user=mailuser 
> host=fwx128.cnpap
> ers.net [] nmsgs=11/21
> I don't understand what the "11/21" means. I thought it meant 11 of 21 
> messages were deleted, which meant 10 remained on the server, but that 
> doesn't make sense to me.
> Any answer would be appreciated.
> Steve Campbell

Joost Waversveld

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