Spamassassin cache in mysql - feature request

Matt spamlists at
Fri Mar 20 15:13:43 GMT 2009

Julian Field wrote:
> I would be enormously grateful if someone could do a quick and ugly 
> hack into the DB connection code to try out MySQL on a shared setup, 
> before I go to the effort of implementing something to do the job nicely.
We ran it for about a month in production about 3 months ago (it was 
over Christmas) and it seemed to work ok.
> I personally very much doubt that it will be worth doing. You will hit 
> the maximum hit %-age of the cache pretty fast even with independent 
> caches on multiple servers, and MySQL over a network is a heck of a 
> performance hit.
We saw about 10% increase in Cache hits - worth it? don't know.

The main reason we stopped doing it was because of the following fault 
with SA


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