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Tue Mar 17 22:42:10 GMT 2009

On 17/3/09 15:42, Jonas Akrouh Larsen wrote:
>> IMHO running the cache.db in tmpfs (on ram) should be faster than
>> mysql over tcp, however it depends on your configuration. just a
>> balance between pros/cons.
> I think you missed the point, i think we can all agree the sqllite db on
> tmpfs is faster, but if u can share the cache between ur nodes, you should
> have a higher cache hit ratio as far as I can figure.
> Whether or not this cache hit ratio increase is worth the penalty of
> querying a central sql server is the question I guess.
> Even if you got a replication setup, so you query the sql server running on
> the local host, it will still be slower than sqllite on tmpfs.
I would be enormously grateful if someone could do a quick and ugly hack 
into the DB connection code to try out MySQL on a shared setup, before I 
go to the effort of implementing something to do the job nicely.

I personally very much doubt that it will be worth doing. You will hit 
the maximum hit %-age of the cache pretty fast even with independent 
caches on multiple servers, and MySQL over a network is a heck of a 
performance hit.

But it does sound worth someone testing.


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