mailscanner-mrtg giving low virus results with new install

Gregory Machin gmachin at
Wed Mar 18 09:54:50 GMT 2009

I have setup a new mail scanner using the latest "Version 4.74.16-1 for RedHat, Fedora and Mandrake Linux (and other RPM-based Linux distributions)"   and "ClamAV 0.94.2 and SpamAssassin 3.2.5 installation package." . All seem to be well no errors in the log files. But when comparing the number of viruses found on the new server, compared to that on the old servers Also running MailScanner (updated to the latest version) and an older version Clamav. There is a big difference in the results on mailscanner-mrtg. The old server found 250 viruses yesterday  where as the new one only 9 .. and the trend is the same today. The virus scans are being logged for the mails and coming back uninfected. Updates are up to date.

Thus my question is

1)      How do I test MailScanner and all it's features to check it's working correctly ?

2)      Is the mailscanner-mrtg compatible with the current release of MailScanner and the bundled Clamav-SA packages ?

3)      Are the old servers giving false positives because of the old clamav installs (clamd -V 0.94.1/9127/Wed Mar 18 06:30:26 2009)

This is installed on fedora Core 10 x68_64.

Many thanksClamAV
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