McAfee autoupdater debugging

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Tue Mar 17 22:45:00 GMT 2009

On 17/3/09 20:00, Scott Silva wrote:
> on 3-17-2009 1:38 AM Glenn Steen spake the following:
>> 2009/3/17 Glenn Steen<glenn.steen at>:
>>> 2009/3/17 Scott Silva<ssilva at>:
>>>> on 3-16-2009 4:32 PM Scott Silva spake the following:
>>>>> I need some clues on where to look for a McAfee updater problem on my systems.
>>>>> One system updates fine but doesn't delete the old dats(CentOS 5.2). Another
>>>>> system doesn't update at all, but manually running the mcafee-autoupdate
>>>>> script does update, so it must be in the update_virus_scanner code or
>>>>> paths(CentOS 4.7).
>>>>> I don't see any logging done by the update_virus_scanner script.
>>>> Never mind on the updating, it was a corrupted virus.scanners.conf, but I
>>>> still need a clue stick on the auto deletion of the old dat files, I will read
>>>> the code some more in the AM.
>>> IIRC there simply is none.... Was a while since last I looked though,
>>> so the usual memory corruption might have happened:-).
>>> I'll take a look and see what I find. In the mean time, might one
>>> suggest a "not-so-complex" find/cron solution?;)
>>> Cheers
>> As suspected, the cleanup in that script is fairly broken, it seems. A
>> lot of energy is laid on getting the "previous version", but ... only
>> that. Seems like the script never reaches the delete part during
>> normal operation ... unless "-d" is specified, no deletion will take
>> place anyhow, so ... simplest is likely to do a simple cron thing,
>> rather than trying to fix the script... or do some manual cleanup once
>> in a while:-). At least as a fix. Then perhaps go over the logic of
>> that script a bit more. Seems less than optimal in some ways, when it
>> comes to cleanup:-).
>> I might have a minute or two during the next couple of days, although
>> .. as things are, I cannot promise anything.
>> Cheers
> I just seem to remember it cleaning up after itself in the past (maybe distant
> past), so I had not been checking until I got a low space warning on the /usr
> partition.
> I guess I will just write ANOTHER cron job to clean this monster up.
I don't run McAfee myself at all, so have to rely on some third-party 
code to do the updates. If you can suggest improvements to the code 
(even just descriptions of exactly what files I can get rid of would be 
better than nothing) then I'll happily improve the script.


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