Blocking of WMF

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Should be OK (until next WMF vulnerability is discovered) if you have
MS09-006 applied.



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Subject: Blocking of WMF

For a long time we've had the following rule enabled:

# JKF 01/01/2006 Another Microsoft security vulnerability
deny    \.wmf$          Windows Metafile security vulnerability
                        Possible format attack in Windows

More and more we are finding that .WMFs are being discovered in the
zipfile that MS Office 2007 documents are composed of.  This MS kb
article alludes to one particular issue relating to "thumbnail.wmf"

but we very often see "image1.wmf", "image2.wmf", etc discovered too.

Very often, the sending user is completely oblivious to the presence of
images in the document (zip file), nor what to do to remove them or save
them as something else, and at least in the case of the "thumbnail.wmf" 
content, this is something that the application itself has generated
without the user knowing about it.

So my question is twofold:

1. do other sites have this issue and what do they do about it;

2. is blocking of .WMF justified these days, given that patches for the
potential vulnerability have been available for many years now.  Is it
still being actively exploited?

Thoughts welcome,


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