Help with getting MailScanner to learn.

Mark Wold mark.wold at
Mon Mar 9 19:35:02 GMT 2009

We are a fairly small company and I have just recently installed MailScanner
on my web server and have it screening all of our incoming mail and then
forwarding on to our Exchange 2000 server. I am running MailScanner 4.74.16
on Suse 10.1.

We have 3 main users receiving email on the system. 1 user gets a bit of
email with {Spam?} in the subject line. Another user gets a fair amount of
it. And the third gets a lot. I've looked over all of the emails and
MailScanner is absolutely correct in that everything labeled "{Spam?}" is
truly spam. I have searched but am just not finding how I can have
MailScanner dump this stuff to the quarantine instaed of forwarding on to
Exchange. I'd rather not have Exchange processing all of this as it is such
a dog.

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