Installing on SLES 10 SP2

Kevin Miller Kevin_Miller at
Thu Mar 5 00:22:53 GMT 2009

I'm building a new MailScanner box (latest download, earlier today), and am trying to install, but am getting the following:

Installing tnef decoder

error: File not found by glob: tnef*.i586.rpm

Now to install MailScanner itself.

NOTE: If you get lots of errors here, run the script
NOTE: again with the command "./ nodeps"

error: Failed dependencies:
        tnef >= 1.1.1 is needed by mailscanner-4.74.16-1.noarch

Perl-convert-tnef 0.17 is installed.  A search on cpan shows it as current (unless I'm missing something).
Is this an error in the script?  Should I install with nodeps?  Kinda hate resorting to that...

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