Too many attachments - Enhancement request

Kai Schaetzl maillists at
Wed Mar 4 20:31:22 GMT 2009

Brad Beckenhauer wrote on Wed, 04 Mar 2009 09:37:45 -0600:

> maillog.1:Mar 03 00:00:34 mxxx MailScanner[26495]: Too many attachments (221) in 382851CA8007.738AC
> At first I thought it was the "Maximum Attachments Per Message" in
> MailScanner.conf, but that was set to '200'.
> Maximum Attachments Per Message = 200

well, and that message contained 221 according to MailScanner.

> Also, how is the MailScannerCounter of 221 in the message log useful?  How is it used for debugging?

This is the number of attachments!

You say it's only 40. Recheck and if it's still only 40 there might be a bug in
the counter. But this "max unscanned" stuff has *nothing* to do with it.
Read the explanation in the .conf.


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