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Mon Mar 2 14:18:32 GMT 2009

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On 2/3/09 14:04, David Lee wrote:
> On Sun, 1 Mar 2009, Julian Field wrote:
>> I have just released version 4.75.2, which has the new feature some
>> people have been asking for.
>> Implemented crash-protection, by limiting the number of attempts made at
>> processing any given message. There are 2 new configuration settings:
>> "Maximum Processing Attempts" which is set to 6 by default, and
>> "Processing Attempts Database" which is set to
>> /var/spool/MailScanner/incoming/Processing.db by default.
>> To disable this feature, just set "Maximum Processing Attempts = 0".
>> To clean out the database, just stop MailScanner and delete the database
>> file.
> Excellent development!  Glad to see my idea coming to fruition.  Thanks.
'Twas a good idea :-)
> I see you are now up to 4.75.5 .  I've just installed it on a test 
> server. But I suppose it's only really going to reveal its strengths 
> (and possible issues yet to be shaken down) on a production machine.
I can't think of anything significant to add to the code now, so the 
only changes will be bug-fixes.
> Given that I was a chief requester, naturally I feel honour-bound to 
> help test it.  Could you give an indication of your production-level 
> confidence in the code?  How high up the inbound MX-priority-tree 
> should I reasonably think of installing it at present?
Start it off at the bottom (highest number) and intentionally kill it 
during a batch of messages. Do that twice and you should see 
"MailScanner --processing" start to print something. That way it should 
probably only be getting spam anyway, which will be an ideal test 
environment for it.

Cheers for the idea in the first place! (even though I did change it a 
bit as I progressed... :)


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