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**Note:** 4.75.5 requires you to delete 
/var/spool/MailScanner/incoming/Processing.db if you have just upgraded 
from an earlier beta in the range 4.75.1 - 4.75.4, as I have changed the 
database structure.

I have improved it further.

To avoid throwing away any good messages in a batch that contained a bad 
message, I am now waiting a random time between 2 and 6 minutes (i.e. 4 
+- 2 minutes) before retrying a message that made MailScanner crash. 
This should randomise the batches well enough that good messages won't 
get caught up by mistake.

Also, when a message is thrown away, it is not only quarantined and so 
on, but the details are moved to a separated "archive" table which is 
printed separately when you run "MailScanner --processing". Then you can 
easily see the difference between any messages currently being handled, 
and the contents of the list of all the messages that have ever been 
thrown away.

Try out 4.75.5.


On 2/3/09 09:08, Jonas Akrouh Larsen wrote:
> Wow nice!
> That’s, for me, the best new feature in a very long time.
> And you even prepared stuff to make it monitorable.
> Brilliant!
> I will deploy it within the week I think, and will get back if I notice
> anything odd.
> We unfortunately have had 2-3 situations with mailscanner crashing and
> holding up the queue as a result.
> This was very much awaited and wanted :)
> Thanks again
> Med venlig hilsen / Best regards
> Jonas Akrouh Larsen
> TechBiz ApS
> Laplandsgade 4, 2. sal
> 2300 København S
> Office: 7020 0979
> Direct: 3336 9974
> Mobile: 5120 1096
> Fax:    7020 0978
> Web:


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