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If you have "Find Archives By Content = yes" then it will always apply 
the filename and filetype checks to the contents of attachments which 
are really archives, regardless of the filename.

So you cannot avoid the checks this way, except by setting that switch 
to "no" at which point people can get past your filename traps by just 
zipping the dodgy file and renaming the zip file so it doesn't end in 

After all, what's the difference between a file in an archive that is 
really a DWF file generated by Autocad, and a malicious file in an 
archive which the attacker chose to call "pretty.dwf"?


On 1/3/09 14:33, Philip Butler wrote:
> Hi all,
> I am having an issue with some Autocad (.DWF) files.  It seems that 
> these files are basically a zip type format with some .tmp files 
> within.  I have had one person tell me that the .tmp sub-files are 
> font caches or something.
> I have tried adding .dwf to the filetype rules to allow, but MS still 
> unzips and finds the .tmp files.  I can remove the .tmp line from the 
> filename.rules.conf file and MS will then allow the message to pass, 
> but it's obvious that this is not an optimal solution.
> Is there a way to unconditionally allow .dwf files and stop scanning 
> within for the filename rules ??  It would be nice if it would still 
> scan for viruses, but to nix the filetype rules.
> I have searched the net and MS list archives and haven't found 
> anything that pops out at me.  That's not to say this hasn't been 
> answered before - I just haven't found it.
> Thanks,
> Phil


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