Issues with DWF Autocad files...

Philip Butler butler at
Sun Mar 1 14:33:02 GMT 2009

Hi all,

I am having an issue with some Autocad (.DWF) files.  It seems that  
these files are basically a zip type format with some .tmp files  
within.  I have had one person tell me that the .tmp sub-files are  
font caches or something.

I have tried adding .dwf to the filetype rules to allow, but MS still  
unzips and finds the .tmp files.  I can remove the .tmp line from the  
filename.rules.conf file and MS will then allow the message to pass,  
but it's obvious that this is not an optimal solution.

Is there a way to unconditionally allow .dwf files and stop scanning  
within for the filename rules ??  It would be nice if it would still  
scan for viruses, but to nix the filetype rules.

I have searched the net and MS list archives and haven't found  
anything that pops out at me.  That's not to say this hasn't been  
answered before - I just haven't found it.



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