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Alex Broens ms-list at
Thu Jun 25 22:21:10 IST 2009

On 6/25/2009 9:16 PM, Julian Field wrote:
> How about we start with
> MTA Blacklists: Zen, BRBL,
> MTA checks: no invalid recipients or domains at SMTP time, greet-pause, 
> grey-listing? How to get list of valid recipients out of Exchange, or 
> configure Exchange to reject invalid recipients at SMTP time?
> ClamAV: sane-security -- Which ones? Where's the table that lists the 
> pros and cons? What are the basic ones that everyone should use?
> SA rulesets: SARE, KAM, sought, what others?

Please do not recommend SARE rules.
They are obsolete and will not get updated so adding them adds little if 
no value and are not worth the resources they use.
Some have been included in SA.

my TODO list includes a masscheck of ALL of those rule and release a 
small subset to be used with SA update on the official sa-update channel.
This will happen during the SA 3.3.x cycle which will be released soon.

btw.. has anybody been using/testing MailScanner with SA 3.3.0-trunk?


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