Question on reducing load on MailScanner machine

Gerry Maddock gmaddock at
Thu Jun 25 19:54:07 IST 2009

> From:
> Christopher Fisk <cfisk at>
> I saw a similar post in the archives recently, but the discussion
> didn't go very far.
> I'd like to expand the question a bit.
> Lets assume I have a single server handling MailScanner (& SA &
> ClamAV) and the postfix/courier servers.
> The MailScanner queue is reaching 300+ at times, giving a short
> delay between the server receiving the message and MailScanner scanning
> If I were to NFS/SMB mount both the MailScanner install directory
> and the hold queue directory from another machine and startup
> another MailScanner process, will I run into issues where both
> MailScanners are trying to scan the same messages and cause
> problems?  Or would MailScanner be smart enough to know that another
> MailScanner process is scanning a given message?
> This is on Linux 2.6 and ext3.  Filesystems and kernel versions can
> be changed as needed.
> I have a few extra servers I can quickly put in place and would
> rather do that than purchasing an entire new server for this.
> The MailScanner book doesn't have any information on this type of
> configuration unfortunately.

I had the same problem a few years ago and I decided to split my
mailservers up. I'm using (2) separate Mailscanner systems for incoming
emails & (2) separate servers for outgoing emails. The (2) Mailscanner
servers I am using are not sharing information. I did this to stop email
delays (incoming & outgoing). 1 of each is @ 2 separate branches for
redundancy. This may not be the "ideal" setup, but it works for us.

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