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Scott Silva ssilva at
Wed Jun 24 23:00:30 IST 2009

on 6-24-2009 1:59 PM Paulo Roncon spake the following:
> What type of config and rules do you use?
> Currently despite all the tweaking and extra rules a percentage of spam still goes by.
> Rules used: spamassassin: sought, KAM, Anti-Phishing and Spear-Phishing Version 2, SARE
> Clamav : sanesecurity
> centos 5.3 + sendmail + spamassassin + mailscanner +  milter-greylist + clamav + bayes
> I do not use local dns, razor, pyzor.
There will always be a percentage of spam that gets through. You just try to
get that percentage as low as possible. Why not use razor and/or pyzor?

How about some blacklists at the MTA?

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