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Similar to what I use, but also have razor, and greet-pause instead of greylisting.

You don't say what your spam settings are.  I use 5 & 8.  High scoring spam setting is lower than recommended I think but it works for me.

You'll always get some spam slipping through. It's virtually impossible to catch it all w/o also getting false positives.  The only sure way to stop *all* spam is to turn off your server. ;-)

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What type of config and rules do you use?

Currently despite all the tweaking and extra rules a percentage of spam still goes by.
Rules used: spamassassin: sought, KAM, Anti-Phishing and Spear-Phishing Version 2, SARE Clamav : sanesecurity

centos 5.3 + sendmail + spamassassin + mailscanner +  milter-greylist + clamav + bayes

I do not use local dns, razor, pyzor.

What are you examples?

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