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2009/6/22 Alex Neuman <alex at rtpty.com>

> Hi list,
> I've been googling around and haven't been able to figure out *how* to look
> for the following two things. Feel free to reply off-list if you think it's
> not list-worthy material.
> 1. How do I change the "try to deliver for four days and then bounce back
> to the sender" to, say, two days, when using sendmail?

Check this values in your sendmail.cf notice that "queuewarn" is higher than
"queuereturn", so my sendmail nevers send the DSN saying "we cant send your
email but we are still trying" we only send the DSN "sorry after 5 days we
could not send your email"

O Timeout.queuereturn=5d
#O Timeout.queuereturn.normal=5d
#O Timeout.queuereturn.urgent=2d
#O Timeout.queuereturn.non-urgent=7d
#O Timeout.queuereturn.dsn=5d
O Timeout.queuewarn=8d

> 2. Can I tell sendmail *not* to accept e-mail for domains that have no MX
> (I know, "bad") or "no MX *and* no A" (not so bad) records in DNS? How about
> with a milter?
> The basic premise is that I've recently detected a surge in users that
> don't seem to care about typos or that don't believe in address books. Mail
> gets queued up and they don't have a clue until hours (or days) later that
> they mistyped the domain name.
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