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Scott Silva ssilva at sgvwater.com
Tue Jun 23 16:30:26 IST 2009

on 6-22-2009 7:54 PM Alex Neuman spake the following:
> Talking to myself here, just found one of the two things I was talking
> about.
> There's a milter called milter-chkrcpt (found using milter.org
> <http://milter.org>) that does a "call ahead" and rejects the e-mail if
> there are no valid recipients. I'll give it a shot.
Call ahead is considered a bad practice as it is almost as irritating to the
other end as spam is. Many big mail providers will block or ignore systems
that do this too many times. Others might see this as an attempt by spammers
to verify if an address exists before they pound on it.

Just shorten your warnings to 30 minutes or so, and rejections to whatever you
feel best fits your users.

If you make your system totally idiot proof, what will the idiots have left to
do? They might get bored and breed prolifically and make more trouble for
future sysadmins. You have to think of our children! Stop global idiocracy!!!

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