Problem with Exim and Mailscanner

Nick Phillips nwp at
Tue Jun 16 11:24:29 IST 2009

Jonas A. Larsen wrote:

>     I have made a simple mod of the Debian init script so it works with
>     1 initscript which starts both exim processes.
> Nice work Jonas :)  The reason I avoided a single-script approach was so
> that the original init script was left completely untouched with the
> "hacked" scripted becoming "/etc/init.d/exim4.out".  The rationale was
> that during an exim upgrade/update from Debian, the original script
> would be "upgradeable" and left functional afterwards.  Then if there is
> any porting work to the second script, you can do that at your leisure.
>  However, once you heavily modify the original script, you have to
> manage your own updates to init script and upgrades may leave the
> modified script non-functional.
> I was running Debian in a production environment and couldn't justify
> the risk to the "powers that be" and so stayed with the 2-script
> approach.  3 years down the track, and having migrated to Ubuntu LTS, my
> pair of scripts are still going even after many upgrades and updates.
> Not saying either approach is right or wrong...just highlighting the
> differences between them :)  FWIW, I've grabbed a copy of your script
> for reference any way!

Ummm, I find myself wondering why you're modifying the init script at
all. I don't recall exactly, but I'm pretty sure last time I set up
mailscanner + exim on debian I was able to make it work just by
appropriate modifications to the settings in /etc/default/exim4  -- and
dropping a couple of files into /etc/exim4/conf.d

That's how it's supposed to work, anyway.



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