Problem Messages

Remco Barendse mailscanner at
Tue Jun 16 11:15:33 IST 2009

On Mon, 15 Jun 2009, Julian Field wrote:

> On 15/06/2009 11:17, Remco Barendse wrote:
>>  On Mon, 15 Jun 2009, Julian Field wrote:
>> >  That's quite normal, it processed the message successfully (apart from 
>> >  you needing to update your copy of ClamAV). So whatever was causing your 
>> >  message to kill MailScanner has gone away and isn't doing it now.
>>  Strange, another problem meBssage appeared over the weekend, i ran it
>>  through MailScanner in the same way and also this message processed well.
>>  I'm a bit puzzled why these "Problem Messages"  messages keep appearing
>>  but at the same time the message gets quarantined and moved to the
>>  quarantine properly. Is there maybe some bug in the thingy that controls
>>  Processing.db ? I get a new mail message reporting the same problem every
>>  hour or so, until i nuke Processing.db
>>  Is there any way to increase the log level of "Problem Messages" to get
>>  some more info from that?  (If these messages come up very rarely anyways,
>>  why not be more verbose)
> What more info would you like? As all I know is that the message caused 
> MailScanner to crash somehow, there's almost no information to give you, 
> sorry.

OK, i hoped it was possible to include some information on specifically 
what caused the crash.

Strange, i have never seen this behaviour on any server running 
MailScanner, just the server that was newly installed. Maybe i did 
something wrong or some of the perl packages did not compile properly.

> I should add some code to remove the problem message from the Processing.db 
> when it gets quarantined though.

Would be neat :)


> Jules

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