Problem Messages

Remco Barendse mailscanner at
Mon Jun 15 11:17:35 IST 2009

On Mon, 15 Jun 2009, Julian Field wrote:

> That's quite normal, it processed the message successfully (apart from you 
> needing to update your copy of ClamAV). So whatever was causing your message 
> to kill MailScanner has gone away and isn't doing it now.

Strange, another problem meBssage appeared over the weekend, i ran it 
through MailScanner in the same way and also this message processed well.

I'm a bit puzzled why these "Problem Messages"  messages keep appearing 
but at the same time the message gets quarantined and moved to the 
quarantine properly. Is there maybe some bug in the thingy that controls 
Processing.db ? I get a new mail message reporting the same problem every 
hour or so, until i nuke Processing.db

Is there any way to increase the log level of "Problem Messages" to get 
some more info from that?  (If these messages come up very rarely anyways, 
why not be more verbose)


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