Possible config option to skip filename/filettype checks for the message body?

PSI Mailbag mailbag at partnersolutions.ca
Wed Jun 10 14:04:57 IST 2009

> That's actually a lot harder than you would think. It is very
> for me to work out what is the body of the message and what is an
> attachment from the output data structure of the MIME explosion code
> which is in MIME-tools. The way mail apps tend to do it is look for
> text/plain and text/html parts, which can be easily subverted into
> making them actually hide attachments in them.

Thanks for the clarification, Julian. I had tried allowing by mime type,
but that magic file also picks it up as quicktime. I'll have to just
continue to edit these until I run out of FP's.


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